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Dil Bechara Movie Synopsis

Casey and Mani are separate pillars and their fight against cancer is the only bond. Slowly they fall in love with it, but they do not know what the future holds.

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Dil Bechara Movie Review

The timely death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left a void in the lives of millions of people across the country. About 40 days after his death, his last film Dil Pekhara was released today on Disney + Hotstar. In an entertaining gesture, the streaming giant made the film available to all for free. So does Sushant's swan song manage the audience's heart? let's study.

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Dil Pekhara is a love story of children suffering from cheap disease. Casey Basu (Sanjana Sangi) moved to Jamshedpur from Zambia with her parents (Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee). His life was turned upside down when thyroid cancer was diagnosed. He wore a tube in his nose and was to carry a 24x7 oxygen cylinder. One day, in his college, he encounters Mani (Sushant Singh Rajput). He looked at it loudly and arrogantly. But then she realized that she was suffering from a cancer (osteosarcoma) because of what had to happen in her legs. However, his life is full of life, and Casey falls in love with Mani. When they started spending time with each other, he confessed to them that he liked music composer Abhimanyu Veer (Saif Ali Khan) album 'Main Tumse'. Manny listens to the song without hesitation, but soon becomes a fan. However, he found that the track's title was incomplete. Casey agrees and declares that he wants to meet her once. Mani realized how important it was to meet Abhimanyu Veera with Kim. So, he sees Abhimanyu's email address and organizes a meeting with him in Paris where Abhimanyu lives. Casey's parents are surprised to see that he plans to fly in this situation. However, he immediately confided and decided to join Casey and Mani on a trip to Paris with Casey's mother. Manny also booked a ticket, but a few days before the trip, Casey's health deteriorated and he had to be hospitalized. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Dil Pechakra is the official remake of the 2014 Hollywood saga romance. The story, played by Suprodim Senkupta, is simple, systematic and not complicated. The designed screen entertainment and staff of Suprodim Senkupta and his journey are well organized. Shashank Kaithan's embracing dialogues are fun and impressive, and a 'filmy' touch to Mani's visuals. Also, the lines in the scenes of Abhimanyu Veer are acidic.

Mukesh Chabra's actions are disciplined and he considers it his first film. He deserves Brownie Points to inspire viewers to fall in love. However, the film slowed down in the second half after Paris Arena. But this is a minor complaint and it again climbs and it will definitely bite you and put you in a tissue box.

Dil Pechchara is only 1 hour 41 minutes long and does not waste time. From the first scene, the focus is on the characters and the cancer factor. The first 8–10 minutes were good, but the film got better as Casey and Manny were introduced. Mani's character is a lot of fun, and it adds a lot to the entertaining features. The other two scenes that work particularly well are the scenes where Kisi and Manny go to the 'serial killer-serial kisser' scene and meet Manny Kisi's family while watching National Geographic Channel. In the second half, the scene featuring Manny and Casey's father is captivating. The Paris episode was unexpected but there were some good moments. However, the results are breathtaking. In addition, similarities can be drawn from the rotation and disappearance in Sushant's actual scene, with Casey giving Mani a preview of the final text and the final scene.

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Dil Bechara Movie Images 4

Dil Bekhar is from Sushant Singh Rajput, not only because he is gone, but also because he is on a different level in the film. Her staff is well written and enhances her beauty. In scenes where he pretends to be stupid and sweet, he will surely forgive you a lot and in the end he will definitely cry with a bucket of water. This will be a tough watch for many of his fans. Sanjana Sangi is known for her debut role as a female heroine. He maintains his stable position and makes his mark in many scenes, especially in consecutive scenes and finals. Saswat Chatterjee is beautiful. Swastika Mukherjee is very good and fits a part. However, Mani found it somewhat incredible that he had changed his mind. Sahil White (JB) is as reliable as ever. Saif Ali Khan is beautiful in Como. Supleksmi (Mani's grandmother) is beautiful, someone wants to put more time on screen as it is interesting to know Mani's relationship with her. Sunith Tandon (Dr. Ja) is polite. Michael Muthu (Mani's father) and Raji Vijay Sarathi (Mani's father) have no rights. Durgesh Kumar (rickshaw driver) is good.

RR's music is consistent with the film and is in many situations. The title tag is the best of many and once shot it gets even better. 'Main Tumhari' is an important film song that will definitely be on one's mind. 'Taare Jin' is beautifully composed and filmed. 'Afrida' is played in a minute, but with a sexy feel. 'Muskari', ke gulke jeen ka ', am my name someone' is also amazing. R Rahman's background score is excellent and the effect is increased.

The cinematography of the chat was enjoyable and was shot through Jamshedpur and Paris. The product design of Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty is impressive. Take a look at the dump yard left next to the lake - it gives the story a nice touch! Natasha Sarak and Nikita Raheja Mohanty's outfits are pleasing to the eye. There is no complaint about the editing of Arif Sheikh.

Overall, Dil Bezara has strong emotions and exaggerations in the form of a trump card - which is completely in his favor. This will tear you apart and hold the tissue box at least once. For Hindi cinema lovers and Sushant Singh Rajput fans, say 'yes' to Dil Bejara.
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