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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Synopsis

Banupriya, who plays a college girl named Rowella in India who went to a Conservative girl, decided to lose her virginity. However he feels that this should be the easiest thing in the world today, as all his efforts were in vain and as a lucky prophecy, it will never happen in his life. What happens after that, does he succeed in his mission or fully describes the film.

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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review

The 2005 Hollywood comedy The 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN was particularly loved as its prototype - a man longing to lose his virginity, but unable to do so under certain circumstances. Bollywood produced its unofficial remake as Govinda starring NAUGHTY @ 40 [2011]. There are many Bollywood films that use this plot point as a track and comic relief. Virgil Banupriya played by Urvashi Rautela is based on this idea, but it stands here, the protagonist is a woman. So does Virgin Banupriya manage to impress and entertain? Or is it wrong to impress? let's study.

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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie maIge 3

Virgil Banapriya is the story of a woman who tries to lose her virginity. Banupriya (Urvashi Rautela) is a young, conservative woman from Mumbai. His parents (Rajiv Gupta, Archana Puran Singh) are separated and are always fighting. He wanted to fall in love, but all his efforts failed. He started dating a man named Irrfan (Vikas Verma). He pretended to be an animal worker, but one day he was arrested for selling wild dogs as animals of an international breed. Meanwhile, Banupriya's friend Rukul (Rumona Molla) is a bit funny and he tries his best to get Banupriya to lie down. In one of those attempts, Rajiv tried to link Banupriya with Neriv in college (Sumit Gulati). Banupriya hates him, but he has no choice but to decide to have sex with her in the college library. Unfortunately, he was caught and turned to his parents. Knowing that Rajiv was rich, Banupriya's father hoped that he would get a government job in the future. They have felt that it is a good match. However, Banupriya stopped him from moving forward. Rukul introduced Banupriya to Stud Abhimanyu (Kuttam Gulati). He was called Shardia because he wanted to bet and never came up. Banupriya fell in love with him and was also impressed by him. One day, when his father came out, Banupriya called him home. He tries to get physical, but Abhimanyu asks him to drink vodka to fetch him. When Banupriya was a drinker, Rajiv went to her house and warned her not to drink from a bottle because vodka is a bottle of liquor. Angry Banupriya expels him from the house. Upon reaching the crack, he entered the bathroom and started crying. Meanwhile his father came home and got drunk from the same bottle. He finished the entire drink and collapsed. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The story of Ajay Logan has a lot of potential and can spark a laugh riot. But Ajay Logan's screenplay is very weak. Ideally, the writer should lose everything and add some annoying moments to fit the story. Ajay Logan's verses are weak. A pair of liners add laughter, but that's about it. Also, digging a lot into the right-wing ideology and working on the hospital scene in Goa, it forces the rest of the film. A dig with famous actress Rahul Preet Singh is awkward and what it involves.

Ajay Logan's action is difficult. Wherever this credit is to be given, a person can sit from beginning to end. Can't stand it now. Unfortunately, this is not enough, one needs more than the film to impress the audience. The moments are entertaining and fun. Emotional moments do not work. However, the biggest problem is the climax. The director increased the tension as Shardia fled. However, Banupriya's response after the truth was revealed was not credible. Also, Ruglin's decision on pregnancy did not cut ice.

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Virgin Banupriya is 1 hour 50 minutes long and starts in the middle frame without wasting time. Some of the film's positions are funny, on paper, but not translated in the same way on screen. Rajiv's path is normal, Shardia's entry is heroic and hopefully the film will be better. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. The film is meant to stop humor and emotional moments and a humor or two, nothing really works. Although the climax was blurred and the cycle was unpredictable, the effect did not develop.

Speaking of productions, Urvashi Rautela has an outstanding screen presence. In this film he is able to perform better in the lead role and there are no complaints about it. Rumona Molla gives a good performance, but unfortunately her song eventually proceeds. Kuttam Gulati is slightly up, but it works for the character. Rajeev Gupta Holmes is also sad to see such a talented actor falling short in a cartoon here. Archana Puran Singh is very aggressive, but in comparison, she is the best. Nikki Walia (Aunt Moon) is polite. Brijendra Kala (Police) is reliable. Sumit Gulati plays according to his personality. Natasha Suri (Shonali), Pranav Verma (Janata), Amrit Arora (Poonki), Ashutosh Semwal (Sukia), Vikas Verma (Irfan), Telna Irani (Tarot Card Reader), Rajiv Nigam (Astrologer) and Babita Tagore (right in Goa) )) - Winger Doctor) Okay.

The music of Amjad-Nadeem is unforgettable. 'Beat Pe Tumka' is very sexy. 'Dil Apna Hassan Se' was filmed well. Ears Kangana Vilayadi 'is played when the track title disappears and the final credits are received. The remake version of 'Pucho Na Yaar Kya Hua' is difficult. Sanjay Chaudhary's background score is incomprehensible and features daily soap. The same goes for Bhimrao Sabel's art direction - the set goes directly to a TV show. Johnny Lal's cinematography is passable. Mushmi Rana dresses are specially worn by Urvashi, Romona and Gautam Gulati. Good editing by Akshay R Mohan.

Overall, Virgil Banupriya is a good idea, but it is ruined by its writing and treatment.

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