Crocodile Island

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Crocodile Island

IMDb Ratings: 4.9/10

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Language: Hindi(Unofficial VO) + Chinese(ORG)

Release Year: 2020

Director: Shixing Xu, Simon Zhao

Stars Cast: Gallen Lo, Yinyue Liao, Bingxiang Wang

Crocodile Island Screenshots

Crocodile Island Screenshots

Crocodile Island Movie Summary

The area around the Devil's Sea is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Asia. Due to the magnetic field, plane crashes are common in the area. Lin Hao (Gallen Lo) and her daughter Yi (Liao Yinyue) were passengers on the GZ261. While flying over the Devil's Sea, the plane did not work well and made an emergency stay on Crocodile Island. Hao and the other riders met the crocodile and the spider and got into a fight to survive. When Yi is caught by a giant beast, Hao tries hard to save his daughter.

Crocodile Island is a 2020 Chinese film monster directed by Xu Shixing and Simon Zhao, starring Gallen Lo as a single father, who, due to a plane crash, landed on a crocodile island with his daughter (Liao Yinyue) and had to fight on a scale. -monster. Creatures that live on the island.