Jungleland 2020

IMDb Ratings: 5.6/10

Genres: Drama

Language: English

Release Year: 2020

Director: Max Winkler

Stars Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Jack O’Connell, Naheem Garcia

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Jungleland Movie Review

Brothers Stanley (Charlie Hunnam) and Walter 'Lion' Kaminski (Jack O'Connell) fought for survival by breaking into houses and buildings in the northeast. Aslan is an underground boxer after failing to make boxing. Stanley gets into financial trouble with Pepper, who forces his sister Sky (Jessica Barden) to take him to the formidable Yates in Reno during a massive Jungleland war in San Francisco.

I really like this movie with these actors, the only difference is that they continue to do stupid things. In fact, I do not buy Pepper to give the brothers Sky. If Yates threatens that way, Pepper will still face charges. While it may be considered a human trafficking, it is extremely safe to do so alone. I don’t think Sky is small so that’s a combination. Betraying him to his brothers begs for trouble. As for the brothers, they do not ask enough questions. Their battle is like a battle for the sun beds as the Titanic sinks. Slightly in the title. These characters make no sense. The last act is full of dubious suspicions made by the brethren that can be forgiven for their frustrating folly. It is frustrating to watch a character take you out for doing stupid things. If not, these are good players who make attractive characters.