Playhouse 2020

IMDb Ratings: 5.6/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2020

Director: Fionn Watts, Toby Watts

Stars Cast: Rebecca Calienda, Grace Courtney, Mathilde Darmady

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Playhouse Movie Review

Holding on to the writers' box during her new play, the writer takes her daughter to a remote beach resort to help with a new project, but her assistant caretaker holds on to her promise to eliminate the script and the secrets of the castles. the ancient past forces everyone to face supernatural threats in order to survive.

This was good enough if the effort of the type was slightly flawed. If this works mainly because of the ubiquitous spirit here that brings shadows and tones of ancient Gothic stories of the past. Compliant with the general needs of the situation with rough stone walls, endless corridors, awesome wind blowing in the hallways and the need for a constant candle to light the way across the castle, this can evoke the ever-present feeling of coldness. complete cooling. It is a kind of ambience that brings the feeling that someone or something is hiding between one side of the wall or the next curve and helps to improve the mood and tone easily throughout. When all the background story in the castle is enhanced by his girlfriends showing that it adds a nice cool opening to everything and a lot of slow-moving pictures of someone passing through the building, this one feels an amazing effort. With this set to work, a slight reduction in temperature provides many cooling features. The idea of ​​family still haunting the walls of the castle and causing all the damage inside by turning him into a completely different person as he did later after performing the same ritual is a great way to create a tense atmosphere. The latest series of supernatural phenomena here is not so bad, as exaggerated and threatening practices as these continue to develop during the fate as things get worse. With the mysterious disappearance, the threatening actions and the thrilling race to reveal the truth behind the dark mysteries of the past all come together to make some exciting and exciting moments of how it all comes together. These here give this a lot of popularity even though there are some problems with this. One of its biggest problems is the uncoordinated story line that constantly rotates back and forth between characters without much meaning. Considering that the main focus is never on the father / daughter who lives in the castle or on the neighbors who live in the neighborhood as they have never communicated with each other due to a few quick conversations about interactions that are uncommon in the area. accountability if it does this with very little intention. What we are getting is not enough response and it seems to go back and forth to these people in ways that can make the characters disappear from the film for a long time. Another factor here is the compressive speed of fire that can easily be seen as too slow to make a difference as the lack of continuous shock efforts, mild temperatures and low key intensity for everyone involved may be slower to pass. These factors are the ones that hold back the most.

Rated as unlimited / R: Violence and language.