Safeguard 2020

IMDb Ratings: N/a

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English

Release Year: 2020
Director: Fraser Precious

Stars Cast: Patrick Gallagher, Stefan Boehm, Sean Cronin

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Safeguard Movie Review

Doubt, also called suspicion, overshadowed by bad news and conspiracy, a one-man goal, the characters to be selected in a football match somewhere in hooligania on Saturday afternoon with the shadow of the team and equipment. it almost looks like a ghost of a shadow like a horror film rather than necessary, and the immersion of the spoken Japanese / English language seems less consistent and rather disruptive towards the end. especially immigrants and research on this topic shows that 88% of them use their home / mother tongue at home, so the mixture of language use becomes chaotic. For someone who does not know English, this film is hard to watch and all the spoken words should have been written down because of the broken and dead Russian hockney cokcney dialects that sounded like a dog talking to me.

no it's not a good film it's strong and it talks about British crime like 99 percent of British crime films these days many Japanese would be a good opportunity but they say when things get tough it gets harder and they say good gun for this noisy old man at night