Triggered 2020

IMDb Ratings: 5.3/10

Genres: Thriller

Language: English

Release Year: 2020

Director: Alastair Orr

Stars Cast: Liesl Ahlers, Reine Swart, Sean Cameron Michael

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Triggered Movie Review

In fact, the more they talk, the film becomes lame, misdirected. Saliva and bloody conversations dry out the players' tongues and lips, much like a volcanic eruption, so they have to lick their lips like a psychiatrist. it tickles the patient, or like a "fly" brundle. so imitation is crazy and difficult and plays off balance as a gateway to the movie industry.

A game about life and death. grenades, watches on the ballot box, rules are read right there and then, however, it just so happens, everyone hates each other. so when it is time for the killing game and the enemy of will explode if you try to stop, so westerners may feel the heat or be hit. there is a lot of blood and movement, actually some of the best I have seen in octane.

Considering the story and the plot, it is a really absurd product, not at all. High school seniors are surrounded by a brightly lit forest and the absence of real light around them is really painful. The vest is also a colorful color and tells you what your mood in the game is with blue, red, green or yellow colors, and the metronomic marking sound around with increasing speed as you get closer. ... victory or death.

A movie for young audiences playing games while wearing glasses, everything is very fast, builds characters and is consistent, so they are not done with deep ingenuity. may be shown on a Norwegian television station at night during the year. Then I would look at it again, a bitter old man does not think. a little advice though