Vanguard 2020

IMDb Ratings: 4.5/10
Genres: Action
Language: Chinese
Release Year: 2020

Director: Stanley Tong

Stars Cast: Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi

Vanguard Movie Screenshots


Vanguard Movie Review

The film has a strange mix of humor and real action ("death" and violence) ... especially if Jackie Chan has to walk that fine line between what the audience expects from him and the person who has to kill people to protect them. others ... I know, it seems weird that he is ridiculing (no pun intended) and killing someone the next minute ... but that's what it is.

The action choreography is so much fun ... lots of stunts ... and Jackie Chan's jokes (as a stage of a slow-moving stairwell, an eye for all his fans and work). There is something romantic / romantic added in good measure ... after all. Lots of scenes where people fall .. especially on purpose, including. That’s high with a few hotspots ... baddies are very funny ... I wouldn’t add to the good qualities of the movie ... just know what to expect (not your usual Jackie Chan joke) and you should also be good.