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Ainbo 2021

IMDb Ratings: 5.8/10
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Richard Claus, Jose Zelada

Stars Cast: Bernardo De Paula, Thom Hoffman, Alejandra Gollas

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Ainbo Movie Review

I sat down and watched the 2021 animated film "AINBO: The Spirit of the Amazon" with my 11-year-old son, as we had learned that this cartoon movie was about the same genre as "Moana".

Well, the "AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon" sounded like a different kind of poor man "Moana", perhaps. But it was never in the same league.

Sure, "AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon" was a hit, but the fact that this cartoon movie was a beautiful and detailed CGI cartoon rather than focusing on a solid and complete concept in a series of stories, was just a shame, because it caught the movie. "AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon" had the potential to be something like "Raya" or "Moana", of course, but the lack of a well-written storyline or characters with intricate details was holding it back.

The ghost animals, after all, were the glue that held the film together, because of their lovely nature and the things it does. But sidekicks can only do so much in a movie that is not in the news department.

It would have worked well for the movie if the characters in the story line were more filmed and given more personality, drive and inspiration, and the like, but instead we look at well-drawn characters who were all the same.

Sadly, the "AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon" just failed to be everything it could be, and it made a lukewarm look.

I rate "AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon" five out of ten stars.