Future Fear

Future Fear

Future Fear 2021

IMDb Ratings: 2.4/10
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Ken May

Stars Cast: Raven Ebner, Otis Johnson, Ken May

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Future Fear

Future Fear Movie Review

Indeed, while sitting down to watch the 2021 sci-fi horror "Future Fear" (also known as "Stellanomicon: Future Fear"), I must admit that I was not sure what to expect here. I had never heard of a movie before I sat down and watched it. However, I must say that I was absorbed in the film cover.

And let me just say that this was bad. Really, really bad. The story sounds like it was written by a child before it came as a term paper. It was just a joke that author and director Ken May managed to pull off a funny thing like "Fear of the Future".

I'm sure the idea was well-intentioned and that the idea sounded good in the head of the author and director, but the transition from idea to screen was very bad.

The special effects in the movie were too bad to watch. It was as if they did not even bother to try to make it look real. And how such results get the stamp of clarity after production is beyond my comprehension.

The simulation of "Fear of the Future" was as solid, solid and appropriate as the rest of the film. So at least they agreed with that.

If you enjoy horror sci-fi films, do not waste your time, money or effort on this. There are some great movies out there in the terrifying sci-fi genre.

I rated "Fear of the Future" two out of ten stars. At least they tried, I think. And I bet they were happy to make this cheap movie. But about being a fun or entertaining film, it was a twist and a miss.