Re-Elected 2020

IMDb Ratings: 4/10
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Language: Hindi(Unofficial VO Dub) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2020

Director: Max Radbill

Stars Cast: Cameron Gilliam, Gabriel F. Bellotti, Rebecca Clendaniel

Re-Elected Movie Screenshots


Re-Elected Movie Review

When I came across the 2020 horror comedy movie "Re-Choice", I just had to sit down and watch it, because of my obsession with all the zombie stuff. I had never heard of this 2020 movie from director Max Radbill before in 2021 when I had the opportunity to sit down and watch it.

I would say that the concept of "Re-election" was something that could prove to be fun and powerful.

Well, about "Re-election" is a horrible comedy, I think it was. But it wasn't the movie that made me laugh, nor was it the movie that actually gave me so much fun.

The story line is good enough, I think, though it was not something special or particularly exciting for writers Eric Looney and Max Radbill who were able to come up with it. So make it a very memorable and dreamy movie experience.

Now, what went wrong in this movie was imitation. The actors and actors of the film did not do very well, and it sounds more like a home video project than a real film. I'm not familiar with one actor or actor in the cast, which is something I usually enjoy, but I would not say I was impressed with the play included in "Re-Elected".

Then there are the zombie presidents re-animated. Indeed, although the concept of the mind was interesting and actually powerful, the idea was simply summed up in cruelty by the lowly zombies and that God has an evil sound that they choose to make zombies. There was so much, and that booming, animal-like sound just completely removed the zombie feeling of the film, it was doing something much more stupid than that.

"Re-selection" is not a good addition to the zombie genre, whether it is a scary game or not. In fact, this is a film I would recommend you should not worry about, if you like horror jokes focused on the zombie theme.

My rating for this 2020 movie is based on two of the ten stars.