The Misfits

The Misfits

The Misfits 2021

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Renny Harlin

Stars Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Chung, Tim Roth

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The Misfits

The Misfits Movie Review

The best movie trailers make their films look attractive. Indeed, Renny Harlin's light-hearted but unassuming trailer "The Misfits," featuring Pierce Brosnan, Tim Roth, and Nick Cannon, made efforts by the Robin Hood-style band of thugs to stop Islamic terrorists, see. better than it is. Sadly, despite its impressive production figures, "Misfits" is not worth watching. This moderate, 94-minute, R-rated trip, given a place in the magnificent United Arab Emirates, with a heavy budget of $ 15-million, looks as smooth and smooth as its heroes. They should break into the Middle East prison and steal millions of gold from inside the prison! In addition, they have to melt the bullion so that they can pass it on invisibly as something else. Photographer "Law Abiding Citizen" Kurt Wimmer and author of "Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich" Robert Henny have come up with this unusual Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible" outing with excitement and coolness. Acting as the villain of Werner Schultz, Tim Roth sculpts throughout "The Misfits" to capture our heroic hero, Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan of "Die Another Day"), as he seduces his wife. Dear Schultz. Now, Schultz wants Pace out of his misery and will not stand a chance to achieve his goal.

"Misfits" gets off to a great start with our iconic vartette quartet. Ringo (Nick Cannon of "American Son") serves the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, and Ringo's vignette surpasses all others. A bank robber with a successful formula, Ringo does not strike the bank, pull out a pistol, and make barking threats. Instead, as an expert in disguise, he made sure that no one could identify him. Direct the safe deposit boxes. Only criminals who keep valuable items in the security deposit boxes want to hide them from view. As soon as Ringo locked himself in the basement alone he shot several deposit boxes. Using locking tools stored in his box, Ringo pours a large amount of money into his possession. He will not return until the temperature drops. Customer deposit box customers cannot warn the law about their important illegal items without blaming themselves! After all, Ringo's vignette carbon copied Warren Beatty crime caper "$" (1971), about a thief who robs the deposit boxes of three notorious criminals. Meanwhile, Wick (Michael Angelo of the "Hashima Project") had been detonating with explosives since his youth in Asia before graduating from shooting. His skill enabled him to destroy the illegal drug industry. No one has ever linked Wick with this demolition. Violet (Jamie Chung of "The Hangover Part III") is a martial arts expert. In her vignette, she collides with dastards who use the Eastern European sex trafficking ring. Unlike the vignettes of Ringo and Wick, Violet is not shown to be a threat to her enemies. This means that we cannot see what good things our heroine has planned for these insects. It is a mistake that filmmakers only compensate for the last quarter of an hour. Ultimately, Prince (newcomer Rami Jaber) is a rich man with deep pockets investing in a quartet adventure. Now, they need the famous Richard Pace to direct their clever tricks.

"Do you want me to go to the Middle East," cried the astonished Pace, "full of terrorists and steal their gold?" Unlike altruistic Misfits, Pace commits his crimes for profit when only the insurance company pays, and no one else suffers. Imagine Pace's surprise when his eldest daughter, Hope (Hermione Corfield of "50 Kisses"), comes out as Misfits' latest employer and begs him to join them. Predictably, Pace makes his lot with these kids but insists on planning their efforts.

Veteran Finish film director Renny Harlin, whose names include "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" (1988), "Die Hard 2" (1992), "Cliffhanger" (1993), and "Deep Blue Sea" (1999). )), never allows "Misfits" to be delayed in exposure. However, no matter how strong the tempo is, Harlin can't make a silk bag in the pig's ear. He has never produced enough white skepticism because our heroes find it so easy. They smuggle them into a notorious prison without colliding and screaming, so the inmates pour out the interior. Without a second thought, our heroes drilled into a safe area from the bathroom and eventually melted billions without a single wire nearby. Pierce Brosnan no longer sees well while playing James Bond, but "The Misfits" does not give him a happy or unusual job of separating him. Unfortunately, you will not sweat or hold your fists due to anxiety during a series of burglaries. The surreal landscape and the unusual architecture of the United Arab Emirates add a spectacular touch to this string of scarcity. All in all, "Misfits" is struggling to change the style of the item without success.