Blackstock Boneyard

Blackstock Boneyard

Blackstock Boneyard 2021

IMDb Ratings: 3.2/10
Genres: Horror
Language: Hindi(Unofficial VO Dub) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2021

Director: Andre Alfa

Stars Cast: Brittany Lucio, Laura Flannery, Terry Milam


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Blackstock Boneyard

Blackstock Boneyard Movie Review

Originally called Rightful, this is the story of two black brothers who returned to the cemetery to avenge their death and restore their land.

It is actually based on the true story of Thomas and Meeks Griffin, who were forced to sell their land after a plot to assassinate 75-year-old Confederate veteran John Q. Lewis. The Griffin brothers have been convicted of another black man, John "Monk" Stevenson. Armed with a machete, he was sentenced to life in prison, while two other black men, Nelson Brice and John Crosby, were executed on the same charge.

The truth is that it was suspected that Lewis's sexual relationship with 22-year-old Anna Davis, who was black. Davis and her husband did not try, perhaps out of fear of embarrassment when it became clear that a wealthy white man was having sex with a black woman.

The Griffins were the richest black men in the area and had to sell their farm to pay off the debt. Despite the fact that more than 100 people - including the mayor, the sheriff, two judges and the chief justice - have appealed to Governor Richard Manning to reduce his sentence, they are still in office.

In 2009, Tom Joyner - a former Commodores member and the manager of The Tom Joyner Show - discovered he was related to the Griffins. He applied for a pardon in the state court of Columbia, South Carolina, and received it, finally settling matters.

Obviously, this is a sensitive topic on which to base the horror film.

The story of the film is about property itself, which is about to be sought by Judge Carroll Johnson “CJ” Ramage, the granddaughter of a judge who sentenced the Griffins to death. The farm still needs a lot of money. However, his lawyer Roger Newbold (Jonathan Fuller, Castle Freak) found that a woman named Lyndsy (Ashley Whelan, Houses Built in October) was actually a real heir of the world. They decided to frighten him, just as the brothers were returning in a foggy style.

The film is really trying to hit a lot of hot button titles like police brutality and workplace harassment, but it already has a good story to tell. That being said, in the wake of the panic in 2021, this is interesting and you should check it out.