Calm Like a Bomb

Calm Like a Bomb

Calm Like a Bomb 2021

IMDb Ratings: 5.6/10
Genres: Action
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Mauro Russo Rouge

Stars Cast: Serena Debianchi, Gianfranco Giglio, Mauro Pacenti

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Calm Like a Bomb

Calm Like a Bomb Movie Review

If you do not read the captions of this movie, you will be disappointed. It’s pantomime from start to finish, so without knowing what to expect, you never know what you’re looking at. It relies 100% on the atmosphere created by sounds, music, occasional groans, and cinematography to tell a story. Why would anyone put together something like this that lasts 1h 22min a big question. Someone had to write a story line, that is clear, and logical, but in the 56-minute mark I found myself saying that the only reason I saw it was the last one killed. At the time, I was hoping that there would be a conspiracy. * SPOILER ALERT * .... this is a gin and lime-free tonic. It is not a twisted plot when you see it coming. Why did they throw bs about "You have one night, that's the time limit he gave himself." in synopsis there was a red fish.

I read some reviews and after watching the film I found it to be harsh. Could any of them have done a better job?

In the end, it was an experience for me. Nothing else. Nothing less. When, and if future chats feature the topic of POS movies I will not mention this, but it is not in my "Must See" list.