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Midnight in the Switchgrass

Midnight in the Switchgrass 2021

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Randall Emmett

Stars Cast: Emile Hirsch, Megan Fox, Bruce Willis

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Midnight in the Switchgrass

Midnight in the Switchgrass Movie Review

I recently watched the 2021 crime scene called "Midnight in the Switchgrass", and I must say that although the film was actually watched, it was ultimately a thriller of common crime.

Sadly, yes, the storyline and script in "Midnight in the Switchgrass", as written by Alan Horsnail, did not present anything new in the thrilling genre of crime, and it was actually a predictable and common formula used to make the film. So you know the effect at the beginning of the film actually.

The film has some good names in the cast, but the film was mostly directed by actors Emile Hirsch and Lukas Haas. The film also features Bruce Willis and Megan Fox on the cast, and I must admit that I was initially tempted to watch "Midnight in the Switchgrass" because it features Bruce Willis on the cast. But it turned out that he did not have all the major role he could play in a film. Now, there is a lot to be said about Megan Fox, but I think she managed to do a good job in this movie.

"Midnight in the Switchgrass" is a slow-moving crime game, which makes certain aspects of the story feel longer and slower.

I stayed the whole film, and yes, it ended as I predicted it would happen at the beginning of the film. So it is not surprising that there is information here for director Randall Emmett.

My rating of "Midnight in the Switchgrass" is based on five out of ten stars.