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Passing Summer

Passing Summer 2018

IMDb Ratings: 6.0/10
Genres: Romance
Language: Hindi(Unofficial VO Dub) + Korean(ORG)
Release Year: 2018

Director: Sungkyu Cho

Stars Cast: Yeon-joo Jung, So-yul Shin, Jun Suk-ho

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Passing Summer

Passing Summer Movie Review

"Mein langsames Leben" or "Passing Summer" is a live action German film from 2001, so this is approaching the 20th anniversary and this was the 4th full film written and directed by Angela Schanelec. He is also a prominent character, and he is also an actor in the play. Considering the fact that the film (according to imdb) did not receive the awards, it was seen by a few people. Characters are probably not the reason. Yes you will find the likes of the main characters Lardi, Striesow, Vogler and the very young Maria Simon here, but still the cast do not include many famous German actors compared to many other films with similar counting ratings here on imdb. A beautiful short film, running about 80 minutes without credit and introducing us to the life and world of Valerie, a 30-year-old woman who tries to make the right decisions in life or at least those decisions that she feels are right, very right lets say. This includes all sorts of factors, common life choices about family, work, friends and romantic relationships. The good thing here is that the film sounds very real as if we are dealing with characters who may have been in real life and you don't see them as real plays. Let me say two times that I find myself remembering a little, like when we have people talking about Laurel and Hardy whose jokes bring joy to millions, if not billions of people, and all they can come up with here is a sad fact that these two. they are almost dead now despite the fact that the discussion begins well on who they are choosing. The second reference to me is about a little girl who realizes that there is a woman living in a flat with no pictures and pictures on the wall who finds it very sad and suggests drawing a tenant something. A good stressful time when a girl has to make such a statement and the woman who lives there apparently didn’t care. These scenes were dignified, but unfortunately they did not always make me forgetful and weak at times in my opinion. I don’t need the film to always explode and something big happen for me to enjoy, on the contrary I prefer to be realistic, but you also need to feel there is a reason and feeling why this film was made and the people here are shown and their stories told us. I was missing that reason unfortunately and that is why I had to give the film a thumbs up and a negative compliment. A small film driven by interviews, but the interviews did not leave a lasting impression on me that they wanted to make. So my suggestion is to skip this middle character lesson and watch something else instead. Personally I can only say that I am glad it has been short. Skip it.