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Rising Wolf

Rising Wolf 2021

IMDb Ratings: 3.5/10
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Director: Antaine Furlong

Stars Cast: Charlotte Best, Jonny Pasvolsky, Susan Prior

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Rising Wolf

Rising Wolf Movie Review

A young woman named Aria Wolf (Charlotte Best) wakes up in a elevator, realizing that she has been arrested and blindfolded. He quickly breaks free from his bonds and finds himself alone in a high-speed elevator in Shanghai he can't remember the past. Aria also does not know who her captives are, and why they might abduct her and put her in a 120-story building. Trying to get out of the elevator, he uses a built-in phone system and an escape hatch but has no luck. He also finds his phone hidden in his back pocket with a small battery life. Aria soon has a chance to talk to her captors, try to find out what they want and, most importantly, try to escape the elevator and gain freedom. Along the way, he will learn more about his hidden past and the amazing power within him. Ascendant was created by first director Antaine Furlong, who also works as a specialist writer and producer.

The opening of the film is very good. Audiences and Aria share this mystery together, with little information given about her current situation. Undoubtedly it is a wonderful mystery, to begin with, and more secrets are revealed as the film progresses. As Aria tries to reason with her captors, we are shown the times of her past when she was a child.

Visual Ascendant is complete. The pictures are amazingly beautiful from the beginning of the film. Any times that contained CGI were also impressive to witness on the big screen. The sound of the film was another exciting feature. Even more interesting is the film's title, produced by David Hirschfelder, who is best known for his work on many other Australian films such as Shine, Elizabeth, and Australia. The gameplay throughout the film is perfect for a side effect equal to what one might see in a video game.

As a precaution, while I enjoyed the film’s opening, the general setting, and the other mysteries presented, I can’t deny that the film is a little complicated and confusing, compared to other times that sounded vague. While the background information of Aria's past was well received, I found that these times did not have the basic details that would have helped the plot of the film. The big twists Aria encountered throughout the film while trapped in the elevator were also completely predictable.

All in all, like Antaine Furlong's directional debut, this film is a huge success for Australian Cinema. The film looks amazing to watch from start to finish with excellent CGI work and a compelling song by composer David Hirschfelder. Works are generally accepted, and the plot of the film, for the most part, is also interesting, but it lacks detail and clarity. As a starting point, it is a step in the right direction, and I am looking forward to what will come out of Antaine Furlong. Based on the quality and production of this film, it is best to watch it on a large screen with an impressive sound system.