Halo 2022

IMDb Ratings: 7.1/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2022
Creators: Steven Kane, Kyle Killen

Stars Cast: Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, Yerin Ha

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 Halo Review

Halo is a concept and a world that I have loved since the early days of the first Xbox. The first time I played Halo: CE I was blown away. The size of a Halo ring and one character in a green armor face against all odds. After that, I played all the next Halo games until I read the novels. It makes me very sad that the authors have failed to research the essentials of the main characters in this series. It was not even a good effort.

One wonders why after so many years when the Halo series or film was not made that anyone who shed light on this could be so traumatized by something so rich in theory. As a staunch follower I actually wished and prayed that it would never be done. I felt in my heart that anyone who would do that would fail. However, they did. Only one episode I can say that the whole series would disappoint me even more. This sounds like something done to about 1/4 of the budget we should have had and 1/4 of the accuracy it should have had.

Where to start? Not so in the beginning they made the rebels good and the UNSC bad. According to novels the rebels fought with the UNSC and did their part in the killings and terrorism. That is why the UNSC considers them hostile. That is why the SPARTAN program was started in the first place. The UNSC was far from completely pure but was the last hope of human survival. The SPARTAN program saved people from the clutches of extinction. They clearly want the UNSC to be seen as a kind of dictatorial, evil coalition that is determined to overthrow anyone outside of them. This was not the case. The UNSC did not go out and kill anyone who was "not" in them. They fought only against the rebels who attacked them.

I also wonder why they spend so much time focusing on this one girl who was part of the revolution. There were hundreds of thousands of people who were against the UNSC and once a single rebel would say nothing to them. Especially a young girl who has no power or position in politics. SPARTANS was given a very dangerous mission and ordered to put an end to the leaders of the terrorist organizations. They were not “murderers” as the series tries to make them. This is far from the reality of the Halo world.

The behavior of the Chief Executive is incorrect. He doesn't even have a Steve Down voice. That is an insult to us fans. He talks a lot too. The Great King also followed orders. He would not ignore the instructions to get rid of the insurrection. In addition, the UNSC will never order the Chief to kill a girl. It doesn't make sense. There is no reason to do this in this situation. The chief would also never take off his hat to the audience. It’s part of what makes him so different and works as a character development throughout the story. It is also recorded that the Chief was “disturbingly pale” under his head because he had left him very dressed. They found it wrong again.

They also changed the races for a few great characters. I do not understand this concept. Why is it done? Variety? Well it doesn't work. Fans want it to be true to the lore. The admiral in this case is also incorrect. There was no way for Parangosky to order the "release" of the Chief under any circumstances. As a member of the ONI he understood the importance of SPARTAN, not least, and of the Chief. Starting this series where Head goes AWOL after touching one piece of Forerunner technology is amazing. The whole beginning of this series begins in a strange way and does not come close to the idea of ​​the first world. I do not see this series making the big difference and the injustice you have shown so far. I am very disappointed in it.