Cherish the World

Cherish the World 2021

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Language: Hindi (ORG)
Release Year: 2021

Director: Qin Kai

Stars Cast: Huang Yi Lin, Li Xiao Ning, Yin Ye Zi

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 Cherish the World Review

Robin Tunney plays the role of Zoe, a woman who finds herself trapped in her home under house arrest after being falsely accused of being a police killer. Tim Blake Nelson plays a house-bound worker who often visits to check out supplies. Finn Taylor's new film serves as a romantic comedy, but it also contains entertaining content. Cherish could not have been easily buried with a fake or dirty mix of sorts, but it was successful, mainly with a focus on the complex character created by Tunney.

Most of the film takes place inside the upstairs apartment where Zoe is locked up. Gradually, he finds ways to expand his territory, reflecting his personal growth. Ironically, during her free time, Zoe never communicated with anyone, but once imprisoned she was able to reach out and develop friendships. Tunney did a great job of playing the smart, but apparently flawed character. Tim Blake Nelson has a very small role, but he does a lot with it. When she is in love with Zoe she shows it in small ways, looks at the picture, and buys her a radio. The kind of behavior I think we all have experienced when someone captures our attention. Other actors who appear in small but memorable roles include Jason Priestley (who doesn't seem like a smart co-worker), Liz Phair, Nora Dunn and Brad Hunt as a bodyguard. But it should especially be noted that Ricardo Gil, a trainee actor (who always works as a photographer) plays the role of Zoe's neighbor, a short Jewish gay man. It looks a little too much when you write it, but the good thing is that Gil plays a role well never checking pathos or caricature. The soundtrack is fun with a few cheap pop songs from the 70's and 80's, often playing a comedy effect like when our artist danced `Secret Eyes' by Hall and Oates. What Taylor intends, is to show us people who want to use pop songs as a means of communication. It's a good twist in the usual way of just inserting the right song.