Water Monster

Water Monster 2019

IMDb Ratings: 6.2/10
Genres: Fantasy
Language: Hindi(ORG) + Chinese(ORG)
Release Year: 2019

Director: Hesheng Xiang, Qiuliang Xiang

Stars Cast: Liu Lincheng, Lilan Zhu, Sihong Le, Wang Hong Qian

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 Water Monster Review

Mainland China's most infamous cinema has struggled to find a place outside its own country, in part because of the quality and compulsory testing of CCP. Not that it is very important if you have too many people on Earth (as of this writing), so giving a built-in audience makes sense. Sure people can point to a strange success, Zhang Yimou's Seasons tetralogy or Diao Yanin's Black Coal, Thin Ice, but in a large Chinese-like industry this is different from the rules, because most of it is Wuxia or poor CGI films (think Chinese Asylum film and you will be on the right path). Then we come to something like the Water Monster. It is plagued by similar problems often faced by such films (especially iffy CGI), but unlike many of its contemporaries, this one is ... good.

Directed by the Xiang Brothers (Fantasy Magician, Sea Monster 2: Dark Forest) and starring Zhu Li Lan, everything here has a layer of truth that is often absent (and I'm not talking about the normal level of jingoism… something that bothers films from Hollywood decades). Whether it clings to old traditions and superstitions or criticizes corruption in local government, it all exists without the interference of the CCP, which is probably the biggest surprise.

With real horror moments and a monster design that looks like a Guillermo Del Toro spin off, it may not be the best but the Water Monster is above the normal level I had expected in such a film.