Moonfall 2022

IMDb Ratings: 5.2/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)

Release Year:

Director: Roland Emmerich

Stars Cast: Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley

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 Moonfall Review

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The fall of the moon
JoBloTheMovieCritic10 February 2022
6/10 - with real-time blockbuster scenes, this B-movie has some ridiculous dialogue, a whole lot more characters with no purpose at all, and a totally crazy third act ... but still, it's fun.
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Falling in the trash
lareval 4 February 2022
Other Emmerich debris. A large budget wasted on negligence and a few paid stars will not save empty text. I wonder how many professional or talented writers have found their work rejected and how on Earth (or on the Moon if you prefer) it produces such texts. Trash! And I do not insult anyone, I judge what I have seen.
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I believe everyone who made this film was very happy (and maybe even addicted)
April 1, 2022
Roland Emmerich loves to have fun and blow up big things. With Moonfall, you blow up the Moon itself! Well, sort of. If you want this film to make sense, show artistic qualities or make you think seriously about important questions about nature and human origin, you are in the wrong place. Instead, you should think of Emmerich as a young child who was given toys and created a fictional story that used them all together for a great entertainment effect. That's it. You may laugh and enjoy the show or this movie is not for you.
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Big budget sharknado
Benjamin-ensor7 February 2022
Jesus was this bad! I can't imagine what hell halle berry etc was thinking when they first read the text. They have to die laughing.

Worse than The Meg's at least 2 random references to China to ensure distribution rights.

If you accept that this is bad, drink a few drinks and watch it with friends at home - drink every time they say 'moon'. Do not pay to see it.
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Too bad, and fun because of that
benjaminskylerhill4 February 2022
For a long time I have seen talented, well-respected actors playing bad games like this. Honestly, in view of this conversation, I don't think any of the characters could have produced a better game.

This screenplay is written by guys who have never talked to anyone before. Every line of dialogue is built and ridiculed, with the presentation presented in a way that makes Marvel's Eternals feel like a masterpiece.

The story has enough holes to enter the moon. Stacks pile up on top of the luxury to make the disaster possible, and then help the characters survive the disaster. It is a text that can withstand a small amount of logical thinking.

Moonfall made a little sense in 2012, and the characters don’t like it. But, somehow, this film is the most disappointing because of how good it could have been.

Character presentations and conflicting planning these characters experience with others are actually compelling and competent. But the authors have NOTHING about these conflicts once they are established. No one reads anything; no one really wins anything or changes at all.

It’s not that a movie like this really needs the development of a smart character, but at least it needs something, ANYWHERE to make us care and want these characters to succeed. But nothing.

Even the visible effects are not particularly good; not too bad, but no progress has been made since the 2009 release of 2012, which seemed to be just the beginning.

Still, I did not hate watching this. I found myself amazed at how the filmmakers always dropped the ball. If that kind of thing makes you happy, look at this on the biggest screen you can see!
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When you think Fast 9 is the most crazy movie ever made ...
iamianiman4 February 2022
Watching the trailer, I stuck to Mend Zendaya's law; 'Expect disappointment so you won't be disappointed.' Except that this was worse than we thought.

I like the idea of ​​the film, that the moon is a threat to humanity. It’s different but that’s the only good thing you can say about it. Otherwise, it is harmful to our IQ.

The biggest mistake with Moonfall is that it fails to produce the basic goal of making a good disaster film that creates a sense of dread in the audience. Probably not, leading to a frustrating intrusion. I did not have any fear or discomfort, it did not contact me at a deep level and it certainly does not have a good story to keep us on the edge of our seat so, I did not care if anyone died. I have not been in a hurry to follow all the important people who are trying to stop a dangerous event because they are throwing everything out the window like the Fast & Furious franchise. The main characters are ordinary people who are built to be incredibly strong.

It adds to the sad fact that Moonfall includes A-shaped aliens. I and the technology while trying to connect with the audience by making it real, fall down into the abyss quickly. It doesn’t work like other foreign films like Prometheus or War of the Worlds where they succeed in creating fear, showing people panicking while sucking us inside the experience.

Yes, we should surrender to its folly but how can we do it when we are made to believe that its laws of physics and the laws of the earth must follow ours and break all boundaries so that we feel like this is a spin. -without the Transformers franchise.

This commercial end-of-life disaster movie is ridiculous, and even if you stop your unbelief, you will never face the subject. Not because you are dumb, but because the movie is dumb, and even REALLY, it is REALLY dumb. It is as if it had been written by Roland Emmerich's son and his father had helped him put scientific words into believing. Only if it happens. And here I thought Independence Day 2: Resurrection was trash, the Fall of the Moon is a disgrace to humanity.

The end of the world usually produces a sea of ​​people fleeing, but Moonfall does not. A blockbuster film about the apocalypse however, it sounds small at times. There aren’t even so many ‘horror’ shots with horror scenes or powerful images like 2012 or Day After Tomorrow. Even CGI is not so good especially when one is talking between a shoot and this CGI