Room 203

Room 203 [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 4.3/10
Genres: Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2022

Director: Ben Jagger

Stars Cast: Francesca Xuereb, Viktoria Vinyarska, Eric Wiegand

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 Room 203 Review

This film I had the opportunity to see as a film thanks to Justin Cook. I read a little bit about the movie from the media release that came with it and it sounded interesting enough. I realized that this was based on a novel written by Nanami Kamon, which impressed me. Other than that, I got into this blind one. I will be brief here and give the caption: two great friends and roommates are terrified of the vengeful spirits living in their house.

In this movie, we begin to hear music coming out of a box and singing in a way that sounds like a different language. Looks like they're doing a ritual. Then he shifts to the boy who fixes the room. This is an apartment and the last tenants are out. There is a hole in the wall. Despite fixing it, the putty falls off. The young man's manager tells him that this is a common occurrence. No matter what they do, this hole will never go away. Our boy puts his arm in the hole and finds the necklace. His girlfriend comes out later and gives it to him. This becomes a nightmare though when he commits suicide.

The film then took us to Kim White (Francesca Xuereb). Her parents are driving her into town. By Samuel (Patrick Kirton) and Ann (Susan Kirton). They are not happy either. They are upset with their daughter and scold her. What they say hurts too. They told him that if he was serious about it he would not come home and ask for their help. We read the reason why they do not like his best friend Izzy Davis (Viktoria Vinyarska).

I will present his history here, as it hurts. Her mother died of an accidental drug overdose. We will see that Izzy has his demons as he looks like he is in the first stage of alcoholism. She moves here to become an actor when Kim goes to a local college. Her main job is journalism. Izzy is shocked that Kim's parents did not come in to help her. At the top, they were greeted by landlord Ronan (Scott Gremillion). He informs them of the rules, which include not removing any belongings from the apartment. They should not touch the colored glass window in the apartment and the basement is not allowed.

We see our two ladies as stable. Their first night involved heavy drinking. Kim realizes that the background image is relaxed. Then he finds a hole and it scares him. Try to set the mirror, but it does not sit. This is just the beginning of the weirdness of things. Izzy finds the necklace from the beginning of the wall and decides to wear it.

From here, Izzy goes out every night and ends up getting an interview. Kim exaggerates, but in the process she meets Ian (Eric Wiegand). They both parted. Things are not going as planned as Izzy spirals. Strange things start to happen and they have nightmares. We see there may be a spirit of murder and revenge living in their house or Izzy doing these things asleep?

That’s where I will leave my repetition and presentation to our characters. Where I will start is to plan well here. I will tell you the truth though, it is a common sight in some movies that you have seen if you are a fan of horror. I like what they do by building the characters a little deeper. We are very focused on them so that is where I will also start.

Since Kim is our leader, you will be the first character to get into her. Interestingly, her parents seem normal. They are stubborn, but they also say bad things about him. You are trying to improve yourself. It may not be according to their plan. It may be a little late, but I've seen parents like that. My favorite thing is that you go to journalism school. It explains why he did research to learn more about the apartment he knows. All I have to say is that I think you qualify as our leader. Xuereb is also popular.

Where I go I will be staying with Izzy. He’s as interesting as this rougher. It reminds me of my college years. He is naughty and wants to get out all the time. She has high dreams of becoming an actor. We can see that she is having a hard time with her mother's suicide. Sounds like an unresolved issue there. He turns to drinking as a way to deal with it. The first stages of addiction lead me to how the story is presented.

Now in this movie, like so many in this little genre, we find that there may be some real meaning or supernatural meaning. First, we can say that Izzy kills people in the apartment. The opening scenes contradict this, but I like that our actors do not know about that yet. Izzy drinks heavily. He also revealed that he used to sleep. We can see that he is also angry. You can explain that you are wandering around here and killing people. As I said earlier, we know about the first death and that there is something supernatural here. As a colleague, I would say that Vinyarska is equal and looks good role.

All I have to say, I am a fairy tale person. If you have a story like this and you can introduce a new doctrine to me, you have got me in trouble. This one uses the Celtic goddess MorrĂ­gu as his organization. It has to be the goddess of war, death and revenge. This is worth it and I love what they are digging for. There are things we see covered. If anything, I would have used more to be honest.

I have to move on to the negative though. This movie fascinates me, but it becomes a 'ghost' movie in my opinion. It's a little embarrassing. There are revelations I have seen coming. Some of the things they are built for do not have a solid salary for me. None of this spoils the film. I'm not sure I'll get back to it as it's not bright because of this though.

Since then, I would say that some imitation is okay. I think Wiegand and Gremillion are both strong enough in their role. None of them get a lot of time to watch and they are there to push the two roommates where they end up. We do not find much in the way of results. From what I can remember, there was a CGI that didn't look good. It is not enough to ruin a movie. The actual results were good. I think this movie was well shot. I wanted to give credit to cinematography. Other than that, the soundtrack equates to what was needed without the brightness.

In conclusion, this film has a promise, but it doesn't do much to separate it. I like the idea they use here as it is something different. I think our two players are strong and some actors help push them where they need to be perfect. The actual results were good while another CGI made it feel like cheese. I think the cinematography was solid and the song was just right. This movie is unfortunately not popular. I have no plans to re-visit it, but if you like movies like this, it's worth watching.