Sooryavanshi 2021

IMDb Ratings: 5.8/10
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Release Year: 2021

Director: Rohit Shetty

Stars Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn

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 Sooryavanshi Review

This is supposed to be the saddest film I've ever watched. The same old method but this time the story was very absurd. Terrorists plan to attack the city of Mumbai. Super human should save the day. Oops, I have never seen that before. Just that two other great people from different movies have been added to help this one person. Bruh, no one cares. Are you trying to create a Marvel universe, with the police? Lol. Singham is older now and does not have the beauty he had in the first film. And he recounts in other parts. All right then this other fellow Simba. Gosh how I hate that character. I did not care about his presence here. As I hated him in his private film. That being said, his habits are unbearable. Imitating all these older characters and one new character, it will no longer work. It always seemed like these guys were pushing her so hard and it just didn’t come out. For the past two years, thanks again to OTT and WFH, people have watched tons of purposeful cinema and are completely finished with this masala scam. Masala is moderately good, but sticking to the same formula that worked 10-20 years ago without considering the written word of the story, I apologize but it is too old for anyone to matter. This film offers nothing new. Weak and mindless stories, old songs, old characters doing the same old act (sorry for repeating it) and flying cars and things that will only interest children.

In conclusion, you should not risk going to a movie to watch this 'new' movie. Stay home, take a Netflix / main subscription and watch a meaningful movie with your family / friends.

Peace be with you have a good day.