Squad 2021

IMDb Ratings: x/10
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Language: Hindi
Release Year: 2021

Director: Nilesh Sahay

Stars Cast: Pooja Batra, Malvika Raaj, Rinzing Denzongpa

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 Squad Review

I am annoyed that I am now writing a ruthless review about this film A GROUP of film that I could only know about when YouTube suggested its trailer. It’s not even an exciting action adventure but an action drama because there is so much drama going on in the background. I will put you in the details and clarify.

1. INTRODUCTION - This film was supposed to be the setting for Danny's son Rinzing. Is this how you introduce a new face, and also the son of a famous actor? Has he released his first film on OTT without any kind of promotion and expects people to watch it? First you need a lot of audience and thus OTT is not the place and that Zee5 Lol! Bad marketing team.

2. RINZING - Coming to the character himself. Rinzing is one big guy who knows nothing but strong looks. Even when she tries to smile, her lips open slightly to a smile and it is evident when you compare her smile with Malavika's. Rinzing has no other tone in his conversations. In the songs, it is the real mannequin that Malavika must push and pull literally to try to make her move even an inch. Even the speechless Arjun Kapoor had a strong presentation pad which is why today even after being trampled he was able to reach well.

3. ACTION - ah my favorite part! What a sad sequence of action! They do not know how to arrange the sequence of actions. First of all, those funny (and painful ear) rapes playing in every sequence of actions would make me so angry that I had to skip over the sequence of action to finally think I was doing this in an official action movie. Second, the sudden cuts and several cuts in the track did not allow me to enjoy any full sequence so there is absolutely no fun. Thirdly, the gun is shooting oh god please put in the video game shooting sounds and it is easily captured by someone like me who has been playing games recently.

4. SONGS - two of them sound good only on youtube but in this film they are very bad especially this strangely recorded song 'Baras Ja Tu' where you will understand why I called Rinzing a mannequin. Action Thriller should be free of songs and this is the opposite. These things worked during 2010, not 2021.

5. LOGIC - good logic everywhere! At the end Rinzing just walks around in the open while the man with the RPG literally points him away and guesses what? Two and two shots hit at least 10m away from Rinzing and the blast was so weak that it looked like a Diwali bomb exploding leaving Rinzing unharmed. In such critical missions, she expects a full focus on machinery and expertise but our beloved Malavika begins to dream of falling in love with Rinzing (I can hear her crying inside saying "did I have to love this picture?").

Some of the hand-to-hand battles look good enough and the scenery is the only good thing from this film. All in all, Rinzing needs the best film ever. He started badly all I can say without hearing anything about his arrival at the movies. Although I think it should be taken out of theaters and greatly improved so that at least I try to reach more viewers but in one way, it is okay considering that it was a waste of money.