Cash 2021

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hindi
Release Year: 2021

Director: Rishab Seth

Stars Cast: Kavin Dave, Gulshan Grover, Smiriti Kalra

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 Cash Review

Cash is a comedy film directed by rishab seth. Here are the pros and cons: -

Performances-amol parashar is one character we always look up to. But, in this film I found it a little weird. Sometimes you fall over again. Smriti kalra was also decent but very hot. Kavin dave did an excellent job. The supporting characters were not very good.

Background and music-back school is good. But the music is in the middle of nowhere except tera hua sung by arijit singh. That song was fun with different lyrics too.

The writing-writing was clever and very good. One of the best qualities of this film. It does not make you feel isolated and disconnected.

Humor and humor — this is a very powerful quality. There are no slapstick jokes but the jokes are only characteristic and subtle. And I have to say that the characters have a good time with humor. The joke part was also very good. The mind itself is sarcastic. Money making is used and the characters deceive others.

Characters - characters are funny. A character who enjoys pain and his conversations are fun to watch. This character will make you laugh a lot. Some of the characters are also written in a humorous way.

This film did not create hype but is a funny and entertaining clock. You have to watch this. I average 8 out of 10.