Star Trek: Picard S02E09


Star Trek: Picard 2022

IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2022
Creator: Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon

Stars Cast: Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Isa Briones

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 Star Trek: Picard Review

Patrick Steward is a talented actor, but thinking of anything else falls under the halo effect. With the creative control he has, he has added to the chaos of all the new Star Treks, adding to his taste or something already unique in itself. All the controls of creation, production and imitation did not seem to be misunderstood and do not understand what makes Star Trek so beautiful. The Star Trek was not about a post-apocalyptic future, when humanity was corrupted and brought to its lowest ebb. The Star Trek was always unique, because, it always showed the best humanity we can offer and how these people have avoided corruption and racism from time to time. Most Star Trek are people who solve external problems. This is for many literary reasons but further, it enables the viewer to properly see the moral issues involved and, if we wish, we can relate this to our own problems (actually). This has always been a strong point in Star Trek.

The Star Trek Picard, along with the STD, responded with a downward spiral. They focus on one character (Picard in this) and make any behavioral problem impossible. At Picard, everything is up to you now. All situations are emotional and in your face. There is no time for reflection, and even worse, the whole storytelling process and even the basic principles of Star Trek have changed. It is exactly like all other post apocalyptic sci-fi, where survival is the primary goal and anything else is secondary. Without this idea, the program makes no sense even if it were not a Star Trek. There are so many holes in the plot, the inconsistency of the story, no character development and the exposure of your face, making watching Picard a difficult task.

Funny enough, even in the first Star Trek (eh) to say a show about one character, it’s actually not about Picard, at all. It's about a character named Soji. Picard appears to have been portrayed as arrogant. However, he has never been like this in TNG. There are a lot of problems going on and some things don’t make sense. Swearing is one of them. One of the key themes I’ve taken on Picard, as well as STD, is the ongoing degradation of men to strengthen female actors. Picard will always be scolded, sworn and played small roles. He has little influence on the story, he always guesses he (or someone else) and his character seems to be a more complete character than anything else.

Star Trek has always had public comment, but Picard, along with STD, is a form of storytelling that is bad and depicting sex. It’s over, but not because the titles are controversial but because the authors of the show are scared. Picard is now extremely obsessed with sex through sex analysis and explicit agendas. Understandably, the previous series always emphasized sexism, as it was still practiced by people living in apartheid times, but this diminished as more Star Trek were released. However, Picard and STD, literally, have risen and made sexual discrimination more apparent. Female actors hold the reins in the new Star Trek with men's expense. The problem with this: 1: strangely done, 2: it seems to run into the misconception that Star Trek fans are male chauvinists 3: because of 2 men who are always looked down upon. I don’t care if the team are women, hell, my favorite captain is Captain Janeway, but all together it makes this show an insult to the Star Trek fan and anyone who doesn’t like the way they do it. 'they speak their proverbial saying.

Every part of what made the first Star Treks so beautiful is now distorted and ruined. Star Trek is now hateful, hateful, in your face, angry and hateful. Selfishness is no more. Discussing ethical issues went into the bathroom. I recommend that no one looks at this trash if they have ever liked the previous series. If you are looking for a fancy meal check out the previous Star Treks or Orville.