Panchayat (Season 2) 480p


Panchayat (Season 2) [2022] 480p

IMDb Ratings: 8.8/10
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hindi
Release Year: 2022

Creator: Amazon Prime

Stars Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, Chandan Roy

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 Panchayat (Season 2) Review

Compared with the rural background, Panchayat recounts the travels and events in the life of an engineering graduate, who due to lack of better jobs took over the post of secretary of the panchayat district. What follows is Abhishek's first encounter with life, dialogue with the people of the Indian subcontinent which brings him closer to life.

TVF is known for taking some news and pushing it forward. They did it through Kota Factory and were also able to successfully create a local comedy with no forced status jokes or harsh jokes. Humor and ease of heart are not just in the conversations but the characters themselves and once you start a relationship with them, their interaction is what drives the program forward. Chandan Roy as Vikas, and Faisal Malik as Prahlad bring success to their comedy and innocent lives in Abhishek's life and troubles and play an amazingly talented Jitendra Kumar.

The scenes and stories are wonderfully made as most of them focus on trivial events that are important only when you place them and the people around them. Apart from the jokes, the story also furthers Abhishek's journey from hating the village to gradually loving and welcoming people around him. Obviously, the show will return for the second season when it ends with a lot of cliffhanger, but the best thing for TVF is to do a show that is always re-watched because even beyond the script or screenplay, you fall in love with the characters who can stay. in your heart long after the expiration of the credits.

I have always considered the Indian comedy series as a lost cause when we consider their need for slapstick comics and there is no telling heart-wrenching stories. However, TVF has also proven that it can create a story and characters that can redefine Indian television even if it is a broadcasting service. For anyone who has had a difficult time in 2020 with all that has happened, there can be no better watch than Panchayat to lift your spirits.