Aranmanai 3

Aranmanai 3

IMDb Ratings: 4.0/10
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + Tamil(ORG)
Release Year: 2021

Director: Sundar C.

Stars Cast: Sundar C., Arya, Raashi Khanna

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 Aranmanai 3 Review

Unlike Aranmanai 1 and Aranmanai 2 where 1 girl is killed due to the hero's parents or the girl's parents, this movie features Zamindar doing what Dhanush did to Soniya Agarwal in the Pudupettai movie. Who dies and why he was killed and why the ghost wants to avenge your death and how Sundar C as a savior, saves innocent family members but evildoers. The same formula but 1 item is different. Please watch the movie in cinemas and get some interesting visuals. In all the films, Sundar C is the savior who must bring the ghost to a place where the ghost can be destroyed forever. Undoubtedly Sundar C had to bring some of the ideas used since Chandramukhi closing the room but here the room is locked in a temple rather than a palace with giants; Raja or Zamindar who forcibly marries a woman for her beauty but in the style of Pudupettai; Revival of the concept of a dead person from English films as a Bride. These are the scenes that make the movie different from the other 2 franchises. The rest of the story follows the same pattern from the other 2 movies. Climax visuals are definitely worth watching in theaters. The sound effects of C. We ate during the climax is very good. The last 30 minutes of the movie has great humor, good visual effects, twists. Please watch the movie in theaters. It is true that a film cannot scare us once and it is true that comedy scenes do not make us roll over and laugh. Comedy scenes make our faces smile a little and stand there. Often the conversations of Sundar C movies are smart enough to make us roll over and laugh. But this is not a big problem. Sundar c knows that his film does not need a hero who only needs to focus on his film as his role is not flesh. So he tied up in Arya who worked at Sarbatta parambarai. So he comes here and there for the first 30 minutes, then comes to a stop and finally. So his screen presence is only 30 minutes. I do not look at this and the weakness of the film as a story, a screen game, how the movie goes from start to finish making the movie look good. So it is safe to say that the hero of the movie did not have much to do. The story revolves around the heroine of the film where a ghost tries to kill her all the time and another ghost tries to save her. It is clear after the flash return that the ghost did not try to kill but did something else and the ghost never tried to save him. I don't want to waste it here. Vivek, Myna Nandhini, Mano Bala, Nalini and Yogi Babu are all good actors but the conversations given to them are not smart enough but they pass with a point score in many places. There are pluses and minuses. Ignore the minutes, please watch a movie in the theater with your family.