Archive 2020

IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2020

Director: Gavin Rothery

Stars Cast: Theo James, Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra

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 Archive Review

This is one of the best fairy tale films I've ever seen. Some may not agree with this but for me it was very close. It is a very slow film but with a good story and thought-provoking ideas to consider. A man who specializes in artificial intelligence has been devastated by the death of his wife, shortly after finding employment for the rest of his life. It follows his work to develop artificial intelligence after the death of his wife.

Set in Japan, the main character is the only person working in an area dedicated to research and development of artificial intelligence. In the future, when a loved one dies, a company called Archive may keep that person's contents in a hard drive-like state but the family still has some time left before the memory of their loved one is completely destroyed. The company works to give people a chance to say goodbye to the deceased if they have not had the opportunity to do so in life. There is a happy result that this brings life and death and what comes next. Our main character here was working behind the company he works for to incorporate his wife's theme into a new robot body.

Along the way the engineer has completed two prototypes in his efforts to develop the technology needed to be with his wife again. The first model is very similar to the baby and does not have a human body. The second one has human arms and legs and shows the cognitive abilities of a teenage girl about 15 years of age. As the physical growth of his wife continues, the second prototype shows the envy and resentment of the developer of a new interest in making a body to download from his wife. This presents new challenges as the engineer continues to move closer to his goal.

I really enjoyed the characters of the first two prototypes and it brings the depth of the whole story. The results are great and the music effects are fun too. The production was amazing all around. If you like science fiction I think you will enjoy this movie. It presents many ideas for meditation on existence and health. He handed over the gun. I'm glad I did.