Attack Part 1

Attack Part 1 [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 7.8/10
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Release Year: 2022

Director: Lakshya Raj Anand

Stars Cast: Jacqueline Fernandez, Rakul Preet Singh, John Abraham

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 Attack Part 1 Review

When it comes to the sci-fi genre, Hollywood is far ahead of the rest of the movie industry in the world. German cinema was pre-Hollywood when they made the "Metropolis" (1927), but when Hollywood entered the genre in the 40s, it just surpassed all other genetic competitors. In the 70s, Star Wars surprised the whole generation, and in modern times, Hollywood found Cameron's duology "Terminator" and "Avatar" the best (2009). Among these universal blockbusters, there was "Robocop" (1987). A beautiful episode of sci-fi action movie. No matter how many good films you made after that, Robocop has absolutely no healthy rival. Whether it’s Iron Man or Universal Soldier, they’re not like the blink of an Robo’s timeless action. In Indian cinema, we should have made a super cop or a great military film that was promoted by it only in the 90s, but we had no vision, budget, and, most importantly, filmmakers. RoboCop is 35 years old now, and we finally tried something with those lines, so please enjoy that. The entire Attack team deserves a lot of applause for the effort, albeit a little scattered.

Attack is the story of Arjun (John Abraham), a staunch nationalist and soldier in the Indian Army. She is in love with a flight attendant, Aisha (Jacqueline Fernandez), but her happy days are short-lived. He becomes paralyzed after being shot by a terrorist, but then Dr. Jiya (Rakul Preet), the scientist you choose as a new experience study called "The Strongest Soldier." With nothing to lose in his life and eager to put an end to the terrorists, Arjun memorizes the study and the rest of the story follows his story of becoming India's first major soldier. Basic Attack writing is great because the concept seems interesting. It maintains a proper balance of patriotism and human emotions, but the screen fails to grasp the power. There are a lot of amazing moments between them, which look old and annoying when this great action game goes on. You feel like, let's jump right in now. That's loopy.

Speaking of playing, John Abraham made a solid show as India's first Super Soldier. John is friendly with the act and it is very natural for him, but in Attack, he has raised the level of action not only for himself but also for other Bollywood actors. This is not the usual sound and shout of John Abraham we have seen in Satyameva Jayate 2 and the Mumbai Saga, this John is stable and very different. Jacqueline Fernandez's style may sound unnatural and sometimes humorous, but her good looks are varied and appealing. The second hero, Rakul Preet, comes with a very interesting character. A scientist with his own character and fighter too. Rakul expresses it well, and he is not as loud as Marjaavan. In the supporting roles, Prakash Raj, Rajit Kapur, Ratna Pathak Shah and Kiran Kumar are excellent. The opponent, played by Elham Ehsas, will surprise you.

It comes down to key points, "Attack" is a very interesting text. But it had to be handled with care. The sequence of action is very good. Something you have not seen in Bollywood yet. Sequence of characters, sequence of combat mode, fast-paced combat, and fascinating adventures, Attack covers everything. Conversations are grounded, sometimes humorous and humorous. He also tries to make fun of the media, politicians, and ministers, and he will enjoy all the jokes about it. One of the great breaks in Attack music. The love song for the first quarter does nothing but bore you with ordinary love, and you hate watching it as you have already decided to watch a movie full of action. However, "Main Nai Tuttna" is a powerful number, I must say. It is up to date and very encouraging.

The downside to Attack is widespread media coverage. It was supposed to be a solid action drama, but it has a lot of mistakes that hurt the momentum. Okay, so our soldier fights hard to see his dream and real life apart, but he just can't get past those slow-moving love moments when reckless terrorists are about to kill him. It should have been a movie without a song - that should have been very helpful. Director Lakshya Raj Anand certainly brings something unprecedented to the table. But he fails to serve in the royal style. Attack can go up and down, and believe me, if that descent were removed, it would end up being an amazing sci-fi game. Sadly, this opportunity is now over. Attack does not offer anything unusual, but it should be watched with your bold effort. Followers of John Abraham can be thrilled as their star brings something different from this one, and they will love his new avatar. Plus, the fans of the sci-fi action got everything they asked for, so it’s a fun event for them. Let’s see what this team can offer you in Attack Part 2, and hopefully it will do better.