Fantastic Beasts 3

Fantastic Beasts 3

IMDb Ratings: 6.4/10
Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)
Release Year: 2022

Director: David Yates

Stars Cast: Jude Law, Cara Mahoney, Mads Mikkelsen

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 Fantastic Beasts 3 Review

It's funny at times and creative at times, and by default it's an improvement over its predecessor simply because not just 5% of the story is momentous, but about 30% of the story is momentous.

In fact, the best thing I can say about this "movie" is that you can go to the bathroom during it without worrying about missing anything; there is hardly anything important to miss.

Just like the last film, this one has a script that desperately tries to find reasons to keep these characters in the story, and it fails spectacularly. 90% of the characters could be missing from the story or replaced with wooden planks and nothing notable would change.

The story consists only of characters wandering around and either chilling in the background or completing a task that has absolutely no bearing on the main conflict. It's a two and a half hour film that should be an hour long.

While the magic is creative, it is so inconsistent and so confusing in the way it works that it is more frustrating to watch than impressive.

In fact, most of the things that happen in the film don't make any sense. They rely on characters to know things they couldn't possibly have known. They rely on people to act in ways that are so unfathomably stupid and inconsistent with what they showed earlier in those three films. It's a story in which not a single plot point stands up to the slightest logical scrutiny.

The writing is so insultingly idiotic that at one point in the film, when a character questions a plot point that doesn't make sense, Dumbledore actually says, "Let's call it fate," completely ignoring the question.

That was JK Rowling saying to her dumb crowd of gullible fans, "Fuck you. I don't even have to try anymore. Nothing has to be right or consistent. You will watch it and still love it.”

Finally, this film has ZERO character development. Nobody learns anything, nobody does anything special, nobody IS anything at all. It's a story populated by shells of people, and none of them come close to being relatable or understandable. In fact, most of them are shown briefly and then forgotten until the end of the film.

Just as Grindlewald hardly committed any crimes in "Crimes of Grindlewald", in "Secrets of Dumbledore" Dumbledore only has one secret, and it doesn't even affect the story. How fitting. It's wrong, just like this movie. It's hardly a movie.

Please stop doing these.