Father Stu

Father Stu 2022

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10
Genres: Biography, Drama
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Rosalind Ross

Stars Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Malcolm McDowell

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 Father Stu Review

As a Catholic, I was taught about Lent and conversion. Father Stu is a story of conversion. Stu has, shall we say, a colorful life. A boxer, anger at God, and a broken family whose anger is at the death of Stu's brothers. Fresh and a new story; I've never seen a movie like Father Stu. There is a reality with which the viewer can identify. Wahlberg had a great role, but Gibson dwarfs everyone in a supporting role as the troubled father. Wahlberg's conversion begins with the end of a boxing career (perhaps the onset of illness) and a chance encounter with a girl. The conversion process starts slowly. The question is, do we build trust in our weakness and suffering. A priest once mentioned this mystery to me. Father Stu provides answers to such questions of faith. But Father Stu has many more questions. Was it Jesus or a saint at the bar? Was there Vision Mary? There is one secret that we viewers are not told. When Stu's term threw oil and disease, the viewer experiences a conversion and God's plan. Stu threw others, there is a conversion experience with others. Father Stu will bother you with the film because of the rawness. Many reasons to be angry and one reason to be happy? A hard life that reflects hard questions. Well acted and staged! 9 stars.