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Morbius 2022

IMDb Ratings: 5.1/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror
Language: English \ ESub
Release Year: 2022

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Stars Cast: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona

 Morbius Screenshots


 Morbius Review

Movies like Venom and Morbius need to be rated R. They would be much better off if they were not banned. And now we have seen many of the most successful movies Rated Rated R (Deadpool, Logan). PLEASE filmmakers have the courage to come out in the open.

But that’s not the only reason this movie has failed me. Venom was still as amazing as the PG-13 film. So why did I not like this? I love heroic films. I love vampire stuff. This was supposed to be orderly for me. It didn't even have to be good. Fun and cool would be enough.

Unfortunately this movie is a complete insult. It is not well done in many respects. The story does not come together, the dialogue is basic, the depth of the character is not there, the relationship is superficial. But all of this can be forgiven if you can just give me some amazing and fun action scenes. My friend put it very well: "The act was stupid." You saw nothing.

I really tried to love this movie. I tried to justify the low level in the hope of some absurd entertainment. But it did not come. And the climax has no effect.

The only things that stood out to me were the good one single pre-action verb, as well as the visuals between the action scenes. The action itself is bad, but the results during the slow shooting are visually appealing.

After a good start with Venom (8 stars) and Spider-verse (8 stars), Sony Marvel's outer space was disrupted by Venom Carnage (5 stars) and failed with Morbius. Please do better. I know you can make great films. (1 view, opening Thursday 3/31/2022)

SPOILERS (also Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Medium credit scenes are weird. They showcase the effects of space splits from No Way Home, and Vulture extends to the entire Sony Marvel universe. I can't come up with a good reason why this is going to happen. At No Way Home, bring everyone back to their traditional home. But for Vulture, that's the MCU. So why would he change?

In addition, they have this very weak set of Sinister Six. And it doesn’t go where actor Morbius is at the end of the movie. He looks like a “good guy,” but now he wants to join a gang? I think you can argue that they don't know that they are a gang right now, but as a spectator it doesn't sound right.

1) The status of the credit post on Venom Carnage mocks us by the fact that there may be a monster Tom Hardy like Venom vs MCU Spider-Man.

2) Immediately following the middle finger for fans when No Way Home cancels that by sending Venom home.

3) Now this is a dispute over the Morbius incident in the middle of debt.

I have to ask, what were they thinking?


Firestarter 2022

IMDb Ratings: 5.60/10
Genres: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Keith Thomas

Stars Cast: Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon

 Firestarter Screenshots


 Firestarter Review

Many versions of Stephen King's novels are there - in the film or on television - which are not very good. If you are not straightforward, it is really difficult to translate artistic text into a large screen. But even in the midst of that mediocrity, Firestarter could be the worst attempt I have ever seen.

For a more basic view, Firestarter tells the story of Charlie McGee (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), a girl full of pyro-kinetic mental abilities - in other words, the ability to create / control fire. Hidden away from the public the father (Zac Efron) and mother (Sydney Lemmon) who advanced his condition as part of a joint examination, were eventually found and tracked down by a shady government agency and mercenary Rainbird (Michael Greyeyes) in particular.

Jump straight into space, the 2022 Firestarter deliberately downsides everything that makes the novel maintain any kind of icon status. Other examples:

-Lot Six test flashbacks (college age Mr. & Mrs. McGee) are some of the most compelling items in the book. Here? Downgraded to the back credit for the opening creditor.

-Does the conflict between whether Charlie should train himself or not in order to control his special abilities? It is applied in a few 30-second caption and is completely discarded.

-One of the characters in the book was Charlie's (long-term) separation from his beloved father, which set the perfect slow heat until the climax of the explosion. That is not a try here - instead, it all seems to be shortened in the last 15-20 minutes of the film.

I am not usually tempted to reach the 1 star level in any entertainment venue, but this movie is a bit dangerous. One reason why I even hit it up to 2 stars? Because Ephron was completely cast and would have qualified for his role, if everything around him had not been set on fire (sorry pun).

In a nutshell, Firestarter is simply an open vehicle using the Lord's name (and, strangely enough, John Carpenter-and-son's points) to get a few eyeballs. I hate that madness, but this film deserves me. No attention is paid to the construction of interesting characters or the movement of the structure.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 1080p

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 (1080p) [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)

Creator: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Stars Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard

 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Screenshots


 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Review

It’s not a complete TV series or movie series, something unknown. But as this show has shown many times since its inception, sometimes weird is exactly what we need.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 720p

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 (720p) [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)

Creator: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Stars Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard

 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Screenshots


 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Review

It’s not a complete TV series or movie series, something unknown. But as this show has shown many times since its inception, sometimes weird is exactly what we need.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 480p

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 (480p) [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)

Creator: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Stars Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard

 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Screenshots


 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Review

It’s not a complete TV series or movie series, something unknown. But as this show has shown many times since its inception, sometimes weird is exactly what we need.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 [2022]

IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Language: Hindi(ORG) + English(ORG)

Creator: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Stars Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard

 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Screenshots


 Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Review

It’s not a complete TV series or movie series, something unknown. But as this show has shown many times since its inception, sometimes weird is exactly what we need.

The Northman

The Northman 2022

IMDb Ratings: 7.8/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Language: English /ESub
Release Year: 2022

Director: Robert Eggers

Stars Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang

 The Northman Screenshots


 The Northman Review

However, the film cover / poster was interesting enough to catch me. And I thought that with a movie rating of 7.8 on IMDb, at the time of writing, I would be getting into something good here.

And I must admit that I was thrilled to see what writers Sjón and Robert Eggers had in store for me here for 2 hours and 17 minutes of the movie run.

However, I must say that although "The Northman" was a movie, it was eventually another Viking-inspired film, better or worse. Certainly, it was a movie that looked good and was good enough for what it was. But do not raise your hopes beyond that. If you have ever seen other Viking films, or a TV series on that subject, you already know what you mean here. Yes, director Robert Eggers did not stray too far from the Viking-saga-movie plan.

From the look of "The Northman" it was interesting, as it sounded like a season-appropriate film. I like stage items, costumes, sets, venues, etc., because they look and feel like they are often associated with the Viking era.

"Northman" has a good cast of actors, such as Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. All the talents are good, of course, but some of them evoke strange feelings as to why they were thrown into a Viking film. But on the other hand, I would say that broadcasting the Icelandic artist Björk of the film, despite being a small role and appearance, was amazing.

What I did not like about "The Northman", was that it was based on the English language. Of course, I understand that from the wide range of advertising to the way the audience lives. But it sounds unfair that the Vikings spoke English, it just took away the atmosphere and the credibility. And aspects of the supernatural were confusing me in some way. Sure, I understand that the Valkyries are part of the Norse ideology, but having a pale woman with her head in her teeth screaming and sitting on a flying horse doesn't really work.

I was expecting more than just your average Viking movie from director Robert Eggers, and I was somehow disappointed when the movie turned out to be a Viking running film. It would and should have been a lot, especially the production of this magnitude.

While "The Northman" looks and feels good enough about what it already is, this is not a movie I'll be back to see a second time.

My rating of "The Northman" is based on six out of ten stars. The weather, the cruelty of the film, and other games managed to elevate me from five to six.

The Lost City

The Lost City 2022

IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Aaron Nee, Adam Nee

Stars Cast: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe

 The Lost City Screenshots


 The Lost City Review

Greetings again in the dark. It is not paid for as a remake of ROMANCING THE STONE (1984), and perhaps that is because it borrows from many romantic jokes over the years. Brothers and co-directors Aaron Nee and Adam Nee (ROBBERS GROUP, 2015) proved that they could deliver what was promised from the script by co-authors Oren Uziel (MORTAL COMBAT, 2021) and Dana Fox ( CRUELLA, 2021). Seth Gordon gets credit for the story, which is ridiculous when he is quoted as saying, "The best news is based on fact."

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock starred as a sad, repetitive and successful romance novelist Loretta Sage, with Channing Tatum co-stars as her long and famous cover model, Adam (which apparently 'blinked and nodded' to Fabio ). Loretta's love for history, and her husband's passing, are compounded by the fact that she despises the books she writes and the ad travel she has to go through ... especially when she is forced to wear a purple oneie / fuchsia. On the other hand, the empty model Adam enjoys giving the audience what they want - pulling, moving hair, and an empty chest.

After their recent event went viral, Loretta was kidnapped by a wealthy young man named Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe). She has read her latest book and needs her help to find the hidden 'Crown of Fire' somewhere on a remote island that she bought for this reason. Things have to go fast before the volcano erupts and destroys the treasure. At this point, Adam is committed to rescuing Loretta and proving she is more than just a beautiful face. Loretta's writing agent emphasizing Beth (Da'Vine Joy Randolph, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME, 2019) is determined to save her author's property, while the newly appointed social media director (Patti Harrison) does bad things (and deserves better lines) .

It is sad, however, a sign of the times, that (2 Oscar winner) Brad Pitt's comeo is featured in the trailer. This was supposed to be a wonderful surprise for the viewers, and instead was ruined by the clip. She enjoys her role as a former Navy Seal and meditation partner with Adam, as they both work to rescue Loretta. Time on the island combines an adventure sequence with the slow construction of a love bond between Loretta and Adam, and both actors do their thing. Especially by Mr. Radcliffe who seems unfit as he grows older in his role as a villain, when some trick could have played better. Then again, there is nothing hidden about this production, which includes scenes with Beth and an oddball goat-headed driver named Oscar Nunez ("Office").

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum can play these characters in their sleep, and to their advantage, they both appear to be busy and willing to make the necessary effort. Tatum especially embraces both the boy cover and the delicate type to prove his power. An easy film to criticize, but why criticize it? It is intended to be harmless fun and to bring pleasure to moviegoers. It is best to make an absurd formula movie where your goal is to make an absurd formula movie.


Memory 2022

IMDb Ratings: 5.6/10
Genres: Action, Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Martin Campbell

Stars Cast: Liam Neeson, Monica Bellucci, Guy Pearce

 Memory Screenshots


 Memory Review

"Justice came down to him." From The Marksman

Vigilante Revenge is full of exciting American films, and no one is doing better than Liam Neeson. In the interview, he believes the audience likes to see an old man kicking the whole ass stuck at home from covid, retirement, or whatever.

In the memory of Martin Campbell (78-year-old Casino Royale director like Neeson still has his mojo), he plays Alex Lewis, a contract killer telling his supporters he is done, but they refuse to accept his offer. Because his current contract includes killing a 13-year-old girl, Beatriz (Mia Sanchez), he won't do it, time! As always, Neeson's firm warning has its limitations: Involving children is not a no-brainer, and it appeals to the audience quickly. Also, such code allows the essential Neeson to emerge — a perfect young man under "his special skills."

This development of past assignments, this manifestation of the standard that prevents youth trafficking, is a development of the behavior of an immoral killer. Audiences are immediately drawn to the shooter and show no sympathy for the wealthy people who are committing this heinous crime. Memory is full of sympathy for Alex, especially when he communicates with FBI agent Vincent, played by Guy Pearce (a good touch as we remember him in that old game, Memento). They are both strong men on different sides of the law, with a sympathetic side that is unmistakable without turning off the strong young man the audience always enjoys.

The strongest leitmotif is that of memory, or lack thereof, for Alzheimer's to play the technical part of the structure and the reminder that the fight against trafficking will involve memory, not just a computer type. One memory Alex never lost was the murder of young Beatriz, Alex was innocent of his violent fate.

Along the way, this exciting game points to the limits of justice and the questionable response of caution. Although the film is based on the latest, as well as stock character Neeson, we feel empathy when we see how free the bad guys and girls are.

They still have to beware of dementia seniors — those are hidden abilities, Baby. "HIS MIND IS INSPIRED. HIS CONSCIENCE IS OUT," said the memory poster.

Black Site

Black Site 2022

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Action, Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Sophia Banks

Stars Cast: Michelle Monaghan, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney

 Black Site Screenshots


 Black Site Review

The new director Sophia Banks in her first full-length film has also tried her best with the evil veteran writer John Collee to come up with. It was a recorded speech, lazily written with a sad history that has been spoken many times before, and the best. There were more holes in the building than entertainment. Eg. Isn't the telecom hatch the way out lol? Then there is the action scene that seems to have been set up by a 5-year-old, unimportant frames thrown in the middle of choreography that can make anyone depressed. Even the most comfortable and comfortable 93-minute period we felt was too long for slow walking and long and unnecessary scenes. Don't get me wrong, at first it seemed like a possibility, but then it started to come down quickly. And the ending - which suggests sequence, was Bruce Willis walking behind the fire with a humorous story of what was to come - clear, thoughtful and appealing. The concerts and performances were in line with film B, though Monaghan deserved the best. Points were a common B grade - always annoying and not worth the bulk. Cinematography was as respectable as the sets and space. If the best writer put more effort into screenplay, this would have been much easier. A kind 6/10 from me.

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World 2022

IMDb Ratings: 4.9/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Ryan Bellgardt

Stars Cast: Xing Yu, Steven He, Mike Pu

 Dinosaur World Screenshots


 Dinosaur World Review


The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys 2022

IMDb Ratings: 7.0/10
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Pierre Perifel

Stars Cast: Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Awkwafina

 The Bad Guys Screenshots


 The Bad Guys Review

Low expectations were what I had when the trailer first appeared on my phone screen. I had no interest in watching it until the end. I cast my eyes upon the cartoon style, it does not look and does not look attractive.

But damnnnnnnnn! I did not expect it to be good. A animated film with a feature full of real humor, funny characters and a superhero episode.

The caper band consists of Wolf, Tarantula, Piranha, Snake and Shark, all playing a different archetype. This group of 5 is bad and yet, you can find that their personality is very attractive, lovable and approachable. This is the heart of the film, something that keeps the audience happy without its narrative.

Ocean's 8 meets Zootopia, this is what Bad Guys is all about. You can find the first heist that is similar to that of all Ocean women. There are toilets, kitchen trolleys, red carpet stairs, burglary (especially the whole heist film), red laser traps, all very similar to the massive Met Gala robbery in the film. I found TBG better than Zootopia, which I found MYSELF to be very limited. However, those who love Zootopia will also enjoy TBG as it means to be like it.

Running for over 100 minutes, The Bad Guys does not stop at its best, placing the audience on a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Look and look, you would not expect how many twists in this one. It's a twisted chair over another piece of chair. As you can imagine, there they are, revealing every twist, the film comes in with another unexpected twist, showing that you too have been deceived by The Bad Guys. Looking back, it is amazing that every twist does not come as a force, but instead flows naturally, making it a perfect fit for the whole story.

The cartoon style is better than what I had seen in my mind. When I looked at the trailer, I thought it was mehh, but the moving pencil-like drawings got better as time went on. It took a while to get used to it but in the end, I liked it.

On the other side of the cell, I believe TBG should provide a larger group than just 5 animals. It would be so much fun, fun and the stakes would be so high!

All the animal offenders are pretty good, but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with their background, because almost none of the first ones. They introduced each member at first, but I wanted to know where they all came from, how they could live together and travel the world with people, and how this group was formed in the first place. I know, I know this is a funny film but what a solid story they can have about a very good plot.

To put it bluntly, The Bad Guys are in my top 5 films of 2022 as we almost complete the quarter. Let's see what the future holds for cartoons!

The verdict: If there is one thing taught by Bad Guys, not judging a film by its trailer.

Fighting Darksider

Fighting Darksider 2020

IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10
Genres: Action, Mystery, Fantasy
Language: English
Release Year: 2020

Director: Kevin Huang

Stars Cast: Xie Miao, Shao Yun, Sun Yuan Ning

 Fighting Darksider Screenshots


 Fighting Darksider Review

Twenty years ago, mankind was plunged into a quagmire by a massive witch-hunt. Now, the dark forces are awake again. To prevent disaster, Zhang Ke, Yun Ling, and Fu Xi embarked on a journey to find the God of War.

Fortress: Sniper’s Eye

Fortress: Sniper’s Eye 2022

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Action
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Josh Sternfeld

Stars Cast: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Jesse Metcalfe

 Fortress: Sniper’s Eye Screenshots


 Fortress: Sniper’s Eye Review

A sequel so dumb that no effort by Willis could reasonably be expected to save it.

Shennong Wild Man

Shennong Wild Man 2022

IMDb Ratings: N/A
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Language: Hindi(Unofficial VO) + Chinese(ORG)
Release Year: 2022

Director: Chen Zhihong

Stars Cast: Chen Guanying, Didy Lin, Ken Lok

 Shennong Wild Man Screenshots


 Shennong Wild Man Review

At the behest of army chief Yan Liben, the father and daughter of the Yang family were forced to trample the dense jungle of Shennongjia. In the forest they were attacked by various creatures and rescued by wild animals during the disaster.


Uncharted 2022

IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10
Genres: Action, Adventure
Language: English(ORG)
Release Year: 2022

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Stars Cast: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas

 Uncharted Screenshots


 Uncharted Review

As video games continue to grow in popular culture, it is only natural that they should receive more film adaptations. Uncharted, one of the most popular franchises under the PlayStation brand, is very cinematic in itself. Inspired by adventure films like Indiana Jones, the games are interactive films themselves. With this, it is good to make a movie that attracts regular audiences and fans of the series. Uncharted is a film that is somewhat successful in its previous version and much less successful in the latest. The movie throws a list of games through a window, though it directly aligns certain game scenes. It takes the place of an auction from Uncharted 4, a flight path from Uncharted 3, all arc and Sam from 4.

Like an adventure film, it’s not something special, but it’s not a bad thing at all. If you do not know anything about the source of the story, you may find yourself enjoying it. It has happy times in it. There is crime in the auction, the mysteries of the Gothic church, and the multitude of actions in the sky. Some of these action scenes really capture the spirit of self-sacrificing movies, which are always very entertaining. While some of them have been promoted from the games, they play well for what they deserve. There are times when a spirit of self-sacrifice begins, and that is acceptable. Ancient mysteries and action scenes are always fascinating. The main theme from the games emerges, which was a nice addition.

As you get used to the games, it falls very slowly. Imitation is scary. Tom Holland is too young to play Nathan Drake, as he does not have a strong personality that makes Drake what he is. Nathan's personality is by no means new to this character. The person behind the Drake film feels more like MCU Spider-Man than Nathan Drake in the drama. The actor on screen is not Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg as Sully is an equally evil imitation. While it may not be possible for any of these characters to play the game, this is just Marky Mark, who has no resemblance to Sully. The lack of a mustache is painful, but there is no indication that this should be Sully. Sully in the play "The scoundrel with a heart of gold." This is a wicked man. Wahlberg is also too young to play Sully. Chloe was probably very close to being like a sportsman, but that doesn’t mean much. At least you look at the part, the more what others have done for them. He did a classic double agent from the games again, which was one of the few things they got right. Elena is not in it at all, which was disappointing. The gangsters were just talking, I had nothing more to say about it, other than to destroy Antonio Banderas (although in reality, most of the criminals in these games are just talking). There’s also a great cameo from Nolan North, which was probably the best episode in the entire movie.

If the movie had not been linked to all-inclusive games, it would have been a harmless movie action that might have some resemblance to games, such as how games are promoted in travel movies. By attaching it to the Uncharted franchise, it puts the hopes that it will be something like a game. Although there are game captions here and there, it is not enough. This doesn't sound like an uninvited movie.

By the way, the PlayStation Studios logo, featuring Nathan Drake, Kratos and Atreus (boy), Jin Sakai, Joel and Ellie, Aloy, and Sackboy were excellent. I think we will be seeing that in the upcoming sequel to Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima.

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know 2022

IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10
Genres: Thriller
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Charles Murray

Stars Cast: William Catlett, Vaughn W. Hebron, Michael Beach

 The Devil You Know Screenshots


 The Devil You Know Review

I will keep it short. This is a family drama where a very close-knit family comes together to pay for each other's sins, while you have to balance their behavior and loyalty to each other. The performance from all the main characters was top notch. The story is well-structured. I think a lot of people wouldn’t enjoy some of the character choices and racial slogans of the film, but I felt like I could really relate to this family. You can also find small segments of news / radio in every movie that marvels at how BAD the performers / broadcasters are, especially when compared to how good it is to star in a whole movie.


X 2022

IMDb Ratings: 7.3/10
Genres: Horror
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Ti West

Stars Cast: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow

 X Screenshots


 X Review

The Ti West film should actually have been dubbed "E" in order to be promoted. It presents itself as a clever take on the horror films of the 70s and early 80s. As a bonus, the in-the-film film has filmmakers making 'high' porn (as a bonus, actor Owen Campbell starring "Director" is similar to director Tobe Hooper).

Recognizing its setting from Tobe Hooper's 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, X has a group of pornographers renting a farmhouse for an elderly couple in central Texas (actually New Zealand). The great idea of ​​Western Writer-Director is to bridge the gap between XXX filmmakers and local bible filmmakers. It is not an unwelcome view, of course, that plays a key role in ancient slasher films in which the sex actors are the most likely to be killed. In addition to MASSACRE, the West includes the memorization of FRIDAY 13, Hooper's EATEN ALIVE and a direct reference to HALLOWEEN. X was set about 5 years after MASSACRE to include a brief exchange on how home video will transform the sex industry (adult films already available on VHS for about 3 years).

The film is very well directed, with the clever use of the distinction between the sex film being made and the horror that awaits the group. Mia Goth (in double role; actually triple if you stay after credit) and Brittany Snow the two porn stars who should be there and each come in happily. Kid Cudi is a cocky stud, while Martin Henderson is strong as a loyal producer. Jenna Ortega is a "worker" for her freedom (she can keep her clothes - she should have a better agent). Stephen Ure is a cruel old man who rents out a guest house.

Although it is good to make a film, X keeps feeling very educated. Packing is easy even if it starts late. Once the genocide has started (if not with the power tools) it still ends up being like the films he comments on, no matter how deadly and 'high' it is. It is also very popular to satisfy the flow of dogs and once the blood starts to flow, it is probably worse for online writers who dream of doing extended online essays and breaking it because of its superior intelligence. There are a few twists, but it is not enough to compensate for the prediction.

In the end, it’s not as smart as the West thinks it is, and despite the good chops of direction and imitation, it’s just too selfish to be a fun ride.

Wyrmwood Apocalypse

Wyrmwood Apocalypse 2022

IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10
Genres: Action
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner

Stars Cast: Shantae Barnes-Cowan, Nicholas Boshier, Bianca Bradey

 Wyrmwood Apocalypse Screenshots


 Wyrmwood Apocalypse Review

Remember the 2014 zombie horror "Wyrmwood"? No? Well, I've seen it, but I really can't remember it. But as it turned out, there is now a 2021 sequel to the 2014 film. I remember the 2014 "Wyrmwood" movie was fantastic, and I rated it six out of ten stars.

So needless to say, with the 2021 film "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" being a zombie film, I just had to sit down and watch it here in 2022, as I had the opportunity to do so. And I actually hoped that writers Kiah Roache-Turner and Tristan Roache-Turner would bring something healthy here.

And they did. Oh yes they did. "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" has become a fast-paced and exciting zombie movie. It’s the kind of movie where you just lean comfortably in a chair, grab your favorite food, and go on a ride. Of course, "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" doesn't require a lot of brain work - sorry pun - for viewers, but a fun movie anyway.

The story in "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" was either good or bad. But hey, this is a zombie film made for fun, and director Kiah Roache-Turner has come up with it. So the job is done. And there are some things in the story where the writers deviate from the usual and common form of how-to-make-a-zombie-movie, so love it or hate it, I think.

The acting of the film was really good. I was not familiar with the characters here, but I would say that everyone on the screen would add something to the movie, and it was a great game in every movie.

Apparently then "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" was great. I liked the special effects and zombie makeup. So that spoke well of film harvesting. Beautiful effects, beautiful clothes, beautiful props and sets.

If you like action zombie movies, you should sit down and watch "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse", if you get the chance.

My rating of "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse" is based on six out of ten stars, as it was in 2014.

Reign of Chaos

Reign of Chaos 2022

IMDb Ratings: 3.1/10
Genres: Sci-Fi
Language: English
Release Year: 2022

Director: Rebecca Matthews

Stars Cast: Rebecca Finch, Ray Whelan, Peter Cosgrove

 Reign of Chaos Screenshots


 Reign of Chaos Review

Conflict rule sounds like a good metal theme and when you read that three women from the goddess Nike fought a black king called Chaos (Mark Sears) and the whole human race - now aggressive - well, that sounds right.

The director is Scott Jeffrey (Jurassic Island, Exorcist Vengeance), director Rebecca Matthews (Spoken) and author Tom Jolliffe (Witches of Amityville Academy) have been releasing a monthly film, but I usually enjoy their films.

This one, well ...

Rhodi (Peter Cosgrove, The Curse of Halloween Jack, Winterskin) must include Lindsay (Georgia Wood, The Bad Nun), Nicole (Rebecca Finch, Shadowland) and Alina (Rita Di Tuccio, The Mummy Reborn) to make war. combat. armies of the dead are known as the Collectors. Outside, you know, there are still gyms in the last days. Even Planet Fitness was shut down due to the epidemic.

There are also stores that sell Matrix-style body suits to the powerful heroines that save the world. Capitalism must not die.

I’ve seen a lot of comments in the review about this budget, but what are you waiting for? There are audiences of these low costs directed at streaming movies and often, it is me. If this is you, you already know what to expect.

The fact that the world is ending does not mean that we will never have a training montage.